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March European Car issue - Audimania!!!!

Just in case you haven't seen it, the March issue of European Car is dedicated
to Audi.  The title is: Audi Renaissance: Running Rings Around the
Competition.  Nice articles on a variety of cars, tweaked and otherwise.  And
a nice buyer's guide to the 5000CS/200 (shame that my non-Quattro, non-Turbo
5000S is given short shrift, for good reason.)  Also, beautiful pics and
article in "The Personals" about Igor's '89 200 Turbo Quattro.

Got the 5KS back from the tranny shop.  $317 for replacing all of the seals,
including the notorious diff seal.  And it was in the shop only overnight!
Not too bad.  So that brings my total expense to just shy of $1000.  Still
lots to do, although now I'm thinking of fixing up just to resale value and
trying to get a 5000CS (at least I own this puppy outright).  Thanks European
Car ;(.

Also, when I got the car back, the weather was hovering around freezing.  It
takes about a minute of driving to get the tranny to shift properly.  Is this
a sign that it's on the way out?  It shifted fine today with higher temps.

You're going to *love* this issue!!!!!

d(who's decided that nothing less than the Hoppen S6 will do after reading the
article about it)weil