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RE: P-700's Suck? B.S. !! Here's why.

the previous owner of my new Audi put some really crappy Bridgestone
RoadHandler GT tires on my car and they suck...  They are Sears brand...
My family has only put on the best tires Michelin makes onto our Volvo's
and have never had any problems...  I need a tire that is perfect in the
Rain, and very sticky when its hot out, does anyone have any suggestions of
what kind of tire to use..  I don't want any cheap junk tires...  I don't
have a price limit on tires so give me your best shot...

>paul sez:
>>> What's your alternative under $100.00 ?????
>>I just found four 205/15/55 D40 M2's for $100 each
>>on special at my local Discount Tire store.  I snapped
>>them right up!
>the d40m2's in 205/60-15 are currently in the low 80's at the tire rack.
>for $100 you could have them shipped, mounted and balanced and not have
>to pay sales tax on the tires.
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