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Coupe Quattro for Sale

This may be of interest to those of you with the technical skills.  I saw and drove it yesterday at Peninsula Automotive in Traverse City MI.
I'm not sure whether it is a 90 or 91, but it has 145k on the clock and the asking price is $5,500.
The local Audi garage has checked it out and reckons less than $1,000 in parts and 60 hours to get it back in good running order.  They did not however mention the clutch, which certainly seemed to be making some mechanical noise at engagement.
It is Pearlescent White with Black interior, both in reasonable shape, but the radio has been removed.  The body has had work done on it.  Not clear what the original damage was.  It is a Detroit car.
Call Gary Bazzett at (616) 935-4570.  QSHIPQ first put me in touch with him, and he seems a reputable sort.  The car is shortly being sent to auction, so hurry if you are interested.
I have no personal interest in the car or Peninsula.
John Corbs.