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Re: Owners of older wagons: HELP

Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> How do the wagons hold up to long life and high miles structurally?
> Any owners of older (100K+) wagons out there have input?
> Do they become rattle-traps, do the hatches hold up?

My '92 100CSQW has 202k; I have been the only owner.  There have been no
rattles or other problems structurally, and a fair amount of my driving
has been on crappy Pennsylvania state roads and on back roads out in the
boonies where I live.  The interior liner on the tailgate started to
tear loose from the two side screws at about 125k.  The comparison may
not be entirely appropriate, but I have had several Volvo wagons over
the years and all experienced tailgate problems of one sort or another
(rear wiper or washer stopped working, problems with hinges or lock). 
Other than the liner starting to tear loose, I have had no other
problems with the tailgate on my '92.  Save for the much-discussed lack
of low-end oomph from the 172hp V6, this is a fabulous automobile.

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA