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A4 Options

	I looked the Audi rack "system" and went with the Yakima.  I'm not sure 
what the current set up would be for the A4 but my 94 100S wagon had some 
brackets that locked down on the luggage rack!! No clips for the door 
seals.  I have a Yakima rack for both the 100S and a 92 Rodeo and I 
couldn't be any happier.  The Rodeo set up has clips for the doors but the 
setup is indestructible.  Parts are cheaper if you lose/ break or want to 
add to the system than going with the factory set up.  I keep the rack on 
my Rodeo year round and just switch the components from bikes to ski's or 
kayaks.  Also Yakima has a basket that significantly increased the amount 
of junk I can haul around.  Highly recommend going with an aftermarket 
setup.  A good friend has a Thule setup and has a pretty bad rust problem 
with it.  I also have the mudflaps and I would recommend them

Tim Penasack