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How can you tell if "the bomb" is bad?

I'm trying to buy a '91 200q that's in Dallas.  I'm in Denver.  Had the
car checked today by Lord of the Rings -- recommended by several Q
listers.  Bob there tells me the brake accumulator is bad and poses a
safety hazard if not replaced.  Says he tests by hitting the brakes hard
3 times in a row (sitting still with motor running).  Says on this car,
the third time he hit the brakes the pedal went down about 1.5 inches
and then the pedal began to throb.  He said that's a dead giveaway that
the bomb is bad, and that the brakes might not be safe in an emergency
situation.  Does that sound right?

The owner of the 200q says the brakes work just fine, so he doesn't want
to pay for having the bomb replaced.  I'm going to drive the car back to
Denver (if the deal is consumated), so I'm a little concerned about
safety issues.

By the way, the mechanic says $300 for parts and $75 for labor.  Does
that sound reasonable?

Your quick reply would be most, most, most appreciated!  Call me collect
if you like.

Gary Bracken
Denver, CO
(303) 969-9964
'87 4kcsq