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Re: New stupid question: bodywork between early 200 and A6 types...

At 11:11 PM 3/18/98 GMT, you wrote:
>In message <35104D2B.99ABFFE5@poboxes.com> Gerard writes:
>> Anyone have a type-44 (200/5kT) with a large front bumper/spoiler
>> that incorporates a longer-than-stock intercooler?
>In general, I think ur-quattro owners are rather jealous of the stock Type
>intercooler.  It's much better placed and larger that ours.
> Phil Payne
> UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club
My intercooler does not have type 44 envy.  It is 2 times larger than the
original urq one!  It is located near the original location, so it needs to
have an insulated plenum built around it to force air through it (still
haven't done this).