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ENOUGH! was Re: Racist Slang

Let's talk about cars here people!  I'm a JAP and am not in the least bit
offended by the use of the term JAP!

I am offended by the waste of bandwidth this thread has used!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming (hopefully)...

At 08:34 AM 3/19/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Benjamin Weste Pearre wrote:
>> <vent>
>> > About a year and a half ago, the QList decided it would be
>> > better if contributors did not use racist slang terms such
>> > as "Jap." 
>> Oh jeez.  Calling Japanese "Japs" is much like calling citizens of the
>> United States of America "Americans". 
>	A closer analogy would be "Yanks", or "bl**y Yanks", as the
>	Limeys might say.  Or "Chinks".
>	Point is, these are indeed derogatory (to greater or lesser
>	degrees) appellations dating back (at least) to WWII. I cannot
>	think of a statement in which "Jap" would be used with a 
>	*positive* connotation, unless it's in self-deprecatory
>	humor. Indeed, in this thread, it has been used exclusively
>	in criticism of Japanese engineering.
>	Interpretation is everything: origin means little.
>	-Arun 
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