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Re: Racist Slang

> About a year and a half ago, the QList decided it would be
> better if contributors did not use racist slang terms such
> as "Jap."  Many thanks for your prompt attention to this
> matter.  GregJ

Oh jeez.  Calling Japanese "Japs" is much like calling citizens of the 
United States of America "Americans".  Ok, so at least Japan has a 
name, unlike that other country.  Indeed, my name is Benjamin, not 
Ben, but people call me Ben frequently, and I even encourage it...

I'm Canadian.  If someone calls me a canuck, should I call him a 
racist?  Perhaps some are sensitive to certain words because they are 
trying to suppress their own racism?  Indeed, many racists speak PC.  
Judge by actions and ideas, not individual words.

If people look so hard for things to get offended about, they should 
try getting offended at those who get offended at things.  It works 
rather well!  ;)

Actually, I often ask females what they think of as an acceptable 
equivalent to "guys".  Whatever one comes up with, many others 
despise!  When it comes to PC, you can't win, so don't try too hard.

Sorry.  I needed to get that off.

Now: any advice on replacing a stereo in a 1990 200?  In a small car I 
like the sound all the way forward.  Would it be horrible to go with 
just front speakers?  Are the front cutouts large enough to get a 
reasonable speaker into (that would have a reasonable amount of bass)? 
 Would imaging be better with separates or coaxes, given that the 
separate tweeters would be facing up, pointing at the windshield (as 
they come from the factory)?  Is there anywhere sneaky to hide an amp?


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