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Hot Start Problem

This is for a 1988 80 Quattro.  

I know that this has been discussed extensively (having gone through the
archives) but my internet connection is down and I don't think my car is
going to start when I leave for home this evening.

Diconnection of the cold start valve has been mentioned to improve
starting.  I'd like to know where this thing is exactly before I go
pulling off something I shouldn't.  Starting is becoming a problem,
especially with the warm weather.  Morning starts are ok.  Late
afternoon starts after the car has been in the parking lot for a few
hours, can be interesting.  

Looking at the engine from the top, on the left side of the engine block
(I believe just below the manifold?) I see a wire harness connected to
some sort of electrical device.  Is this the cold start valve or am I
way off?  

What is the ultimate solution for this?  A previous archive has
mentioned replacing the fuel-injectors and installing a new injector
cooling fan thermoswitch.  Would installing a new injector cooling fan
thermoswitch work just as well?