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Just bought 91' Audi 100 Quattro 2.8 :))

Yeah! Subj:))) 

But now I've got some questions...

1) This is first quattro I've ever drove, and I'm curious, if it should
behave like this:
I tried it on ice (with summer tires) and it felt like an rear wheel drive.
When the wheels were turned a bit, and I steped on accelerator, the back
started turning... of course, with front wheel drive audi nothing like this
happened, but should quattro behave like this?

2) I've never drove a car with ABS, so I'm also curios about, how ABS
should work. On dry surface I couldn't hear  ABS working, bu on ice (again
with summer tires) ABS was SO LOUD! And brake pedal was so difficult to
step (very big back force?)... Should it be so loud? (klicking noise...)

But otherwise the CAR IS GREAT!