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Waltzing Matilda with Torsens

In a message dated 98-03-19 03:07:33 EST, you write:

<< Nah.  It's not physics, at least not as I understand it.  My view of
 >physics is that someone comes up with a theory and devises an experiment
 >to verify it.  If the experiment _doesn't_ verify it, that someone has
 >to go muttering back to their books to look for a reason.
Or we could look at a formula and plug in knowns, and explain Tshift with just
numbers.  A center torsen, by design (that's physics) senses and distributes
torque.  In the case of most center torsens, including your own car phil, that
is defined as 78/22/22/78.  Take Trg * Gear Ratio and plug it in you get
Tshift.  THAT is the physics of the design.  I can look at a LOT of Tshift,
and say you have a fwd rwd fwd character in the same turn.  Easily explains
bite potential.  Doesn't EVER, NEVER happen in an Urq or RS2?  Hmmm, well the
PHYSICS doesn't change, only some variables.  Still easily explains my
experience AND yours.
 >Dave and I have both told you that this phenomenon flat doesn't happen
 >to the RS2 or to the (MB) ur-quattro.  It's time for _you_ to go back to
 >your books and find out why.
"Told" me or haven't experienced it?  People tell me that pigs can fly (or in
this case not).  You, Dave and every other Torsen Center car has Tshift,
significant, in every gear.  I've had it happen in a lowly 90q sedan, short
wheelbase and all.  So, this rinky dinky physicist agrees that you haven't
experienced yet, have a little trouble with the "it flat doesn't happen".
Tshift happens.  A lot of variables can and do affect when that becomes a
chassis issue.  Also so posted.  However, as cf lowers, so do "exemptions".
Same physics
 >If you need the engine torque and ratios for the MB ur-quattro, I have
 >them to hand.
-- >>
Please do, always happy to plug and play.    

Scott Justusson