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Re: Lap Dancing

In a message dated 98-03-18 17:56:19 EST, you write:

<< If there is any such phenomenon, it is not an inherent feature of the
By physics, it IS an inherent feature of the torsen differential.  Flat out
denying physics cuz you haven't experienced it, makes this boy racer smile

I find it interesting Phil, that you want to deny physics, given the
connections you have in the race field.  I would be happy to forward you my
calculations in Excel spreadsheet form, and stand up for any correction.
Denying it didn't happen for you?  

I've never been struck by lightning.  I am human.  Therefore, humans are
*never* struck by lightning. Same reasoning sir.  Insert <spider>.

So by the same reasoning, I guess I should stop using the exact same
calculations to figure out optimal shift points, Phil?  Gee, that's the same
physics....   Hmmmm.

I offer this information in hopes of taming Lucifer.  I could care less if it
has or hasn't happened to the 1200 members of this list.  Unfortunately for
the physics of Center Torsens, cold calculations go to those "claims" of

I drive q's, enjoy the qlist, and sharing of information.  Good and not so
good.  Waving the nationalistic audi flag at the expense of others learning
the how's and why's, hardly makes any sense to me.  Phil, your opinion, NOT
your presentation of physics arguments, so noted.  BTW, I have done the
calculations on your car as you drive it Phil, expecting exactly the above.
Did Dave E's RS2 as well.  You have a Tshift of 270lb/ft in second gear, and
175lb/ft in Third gear for most of the usable torque range.  Want to go
further?  We could multiply that Tshift by 3.89 or 4.11 to get to the Tshift
at the wheels....  Ah, but we jump ahead of KISS again.

Type 44 chassis exhibit more of the bites than non.  Easily explained with the
same physics.  Wheelbase, cf, slip angle, spring rates, weight shift, cog....
Doesn't for a minute mean that a Urq can't get the chomp.  The physics is
still there, so is the Tshift.  Somewhere sometime, you will get it exactly
right, and you'll have lap dancing spiders.....

Let me know if you want to dispute the physics Mr. Phil.

Scott Justusson