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Lap Dancing

In message <b22d84f8.35105b08@aol.com> QSHIPQ writes:

> By physics, it IS an inherent feature of the torsen differential.  Flat out
> denying physics cuz you haven't experienced it, makes this boy racer smile
> some.

Nah.  It's not physics, at least not as I understand it.  My view of
physics is that someone comes up with a theory and devises an experiment
to verify it.  If the experiment _doesn't_ verify it, that someone has
to go muttering back to their books to look for a reason.

Dave and I have both told you that this phenomenon flat doesn't happen
to the RS2 or to the (MB) ur-quattro.  It's time for _you_ to go back to
your books and find out why.

If you need the engine torque and ratios for the MB ur-quattro, I have
them to hand.

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