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Re: Here is what happened to CIS v. EFI

Still waiting to hear about the mods to CIS that makes EFI not so
great...and yes, it did just stop:)

I will throw out some of what I know, at this point I haven't done any
of these mods because fuel is not my limiter.

* Change the WOT O2 freq valve duty cycle map in the ECU as David K.
detailed. Excellent idea, more fuel just when you want/need it and will
work up until the stock system margin is used up.
* Mess with system and/or control pressures. Others have much more
details on just getting the CIS system to work correctly, let alone
tweeked for high performance/more fuel flow. Russ S. recently detailed
how finicky these pressures are for getting his MC engine to work right.
* Swap out injectors for a like fitment. On the ur-q, you can swap in
some mercedes injectors which flow approx 20% more fuel across the
board. Haven't dug into the 200 cross reference material.
* Swap in a different shaped air funnel, narrower means higher lift for
the disc which means more fuel. In the past Scott M. has talked about
fuel flow relative to the disc arm movement using the monitoring
* Swap in a different fuel distributor. CIS was fitted to many cars in
the 70s and 80s, including audi, volvo, saab?, bmw, mb, porsche, vw, and
maybe a few more.

Dave Lawson