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Mountains & mole hills (was Racist Slang)

After Sachelle Babbar used what I consider to be an
unfortunate term on the list, I contacted him *off-list* and
suggested it would probably better if we do not use terms
that could offend someone on the QList. For reasons best
known to Sachelle, he decided to go *on-list* and here we
are.  The fact remains that a person (or persons) of
Japanese decent was/were offended when the term was used
about a year and a half ago and it was more or less agreed
that contributors should refrain from using terms that *may*
offend someone.

It was not my intention to accuse Sachelle of being a
racist, nor do I believe this to be the case. Nevertheless,
it remains my contention that the term "Jap" is a racist
slang term. Furthermore, I respectfully suggest that if any
of you were invited to speak at a Japanese event, you would
not cast yourself in the best light if you continually
referred to the event particpants "Japs."  Food for thought:
just because a certain term does not personally offend you,
does that necessarily mean it will not offend anyone else?

It was not my intent to create mountains out of mole hills;
it was my intent to keep the QList a friendly place where
members and visitors alike will feel welcome and will not be
offended (kind of along the same line that profanity is
unnecessary).  RIP