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AudiQtroCp wrote:

> I don't even think the person that slapped our pee-pee for the Jap*
term is a
>normal contributor to the list, but he sure found something to yak
about this

Wow! It's taken me over two years to get involved in my first QList
spat!  Hopefully, I won't be involved in another for two more years.  I
know AudiQtroCp wouldn't want his uninformed, incorrect comments to
become confused with the facts, so please allow me to clairify a few

Point of fact 1.  I did not originally post any of this (now, an
official absurdity) to the list.  I contacted Sachelle, privately, OFF
LIST, person to person.  HE took it ON LIST, not me. I *never* intended
for any of this foolishness to become a QList item.

Point of fact 2.  I wouldn't know if I'm a "normal contributor to the
list," but as previously stated, I've been here for a little over two
years.  In fact, the QList helped me buy my first Quattro (second Audi)
and helped me find another ('91 200 TQW) when the first TWQ was trashed
(while parked).

Possible conclusion:  before you start making comments about someone,
you may want to make sure you have your facts straight. Then again, you
may not.  If it's the latter and not the former, might I respectfully
suggest a career in television news magazines, radio talk shows, Star
magazine, or as the media advisor to the president. These jobs all
require expertise in attributing things to persons that they never said;
creating things that never happened; and jumping to conclusions that
have no basis in fact.

Lastly, if you have any more misinformation you'd like to share, _take
if off list_ and contact me personally.

Man, you start off making a private, off-list suggestion (that's
intended to promote harmony) to one list member and the next thing you
know, people start making things up, and the whole thing's out of

GregJ (abnormal contributor)