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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

Remember, we don't get the best performing Audis here. The new s8+ will
have twin turbos and 440 hp. Should be the M5 killer that people have been
looking for in the class.

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On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Michael Williams wrote:

> Matt & Jenai decided to speak these words:
> >It seems to me that Audi really had the edge in the 80s on most marquees.  I
> >honestly believe BMW has that edge in the 90s.  Are there exceptions (318
> >for instance), sure.  BUT, the 323, 328i,the Z3s, M3,528i,540i, and 740i are
> >all very impressive vehicles.  I hear rumors that an M5 is coming with close
> >to 400hp!  So when someone says that Audi is a close second to Porsche in
> >performance I say NOT.  I think it is only fair when comparing marquees to
> >ask which cars you would buy if you chose to buy new not 10 years old used.
> >My answer, and I know this is heresy, to that question is BMW at every price
> >point.  The only Audi I would consider is the 1.8t.  That doesn't mean Audi
> >doesn't make a great car.  It does.  I believe the total BMW package to be
> >better.
> My point was that it seems to me that audis have the greatest ultimate 
> potential for performance over the other german marquees, other than 
> porsche of course.  I concede to porsche, as they are simply the best, no 
> exceptions.  But from what i have read is available from tuners and such, 
> especially it seems with older audis, there just seems to be such an 
> incredible amount of potential in these cars....i realize that stock, 
> audi is inferior in terms of objective performance, however, due to the 
> design of the cars, it seems that the ultimate, ultimate potential is 
> higher...
> Again, i admit i may be wrong, i just base it off of what i have heard, 
> and read, and from people on this list.  What can be done with some audis 
> from the 80's is quite amazing...
> later
> Michael Sheridan Williams
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