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fog lights

In message <199803201549.KAA14238@dit2.state.va.us> Josh Pinkert writes:

> Then again, I think we *don't* need another person driving around with fog
> lights on all the time.
> This is something that's getting really annoying in the US.  Most new cars
> come with fog lights...and people drive with them on regardless of the
> conditions.  In the city, in the suburbs, during rush-hour.  What is up
> with that?  On a bright, sunny day, people have 'em on.  On a clear night,
> people have 'em on. Arrghhh.

Fog lights are illegal in the UK if visibility is more than 100 yards.

Personally, I think they should be banned, period.

In fog, they encourage people to drive more quickly than they really ought to.  
In clear visibility,  they dazzle by road reflection and because they are aimed 
at a higher angle to compensate for their lower mounting.
In the UK, using fog lights in clear visibility is an offence punishable by 
three penalty points and either a fixed penalty fine or up to GBP500 in a 
magistrate's court.  It will also often get you stopped by the police "on 
suspicion", because habitual drinkers tend to believe it is darker than it 
really is and switch on every light they have.

Once you're stopped, of course, they go into their "let's count the tyres" 
routine and you could be there for ages.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club