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re: fog lights

Josh writes: <<Then again, I think we *don't* need another person
driving around with fog lights on all the time. 
This is something that's getting really annoying in the US.  Most new cars
come with fog lights...and people drive with them on regardless of the
conditions.  In the city, in the suburbs, during rush-hour.  What is up
with that?  On a bright, sunny day, people have 'em on.  On a clear night,
people have 'em on. Arrghhh.>>

Agreed.  But sometimes it's not by choice.

My last trip to DC (last week), I got a wonderful rental: a '98 
Olds Intrigue with 7 (yes- 000007.0) miles on it.  This is a terrific car!
(disclaimer: for the $, for non-enthusiasts, for people who can't drive sticks,
etc.... but maybe there IS hope for the US auto industry!)  Anyway, I was told 
two different people that I was driving around with the fog lights on!  No 
inside, didn't even realize it had fogs.... Apparently, the stupid DRL's are 
colored!  For the rest of the trip I felt like a teenaged WMB driver...

Otherwise, had a blast with the car!  Best engine, slushbox, and chassis
combination of any domestic I've driven.  Even better than the old SHO. Fit and 
were likewise the best I've seen on American iron. (BTW, a "Low Traction" 
light comes on when you "trigger" the Traction Control... which thoughtfully 
can be 
disabled by a switch on the console.... )

Don't buy retired rental cars.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
85 UrQ