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dose of their own medicine(was VG-2)

Vytas writes: <<Is it really (legally?)possible to be pulled over just for using
a detector in a state where it is legal? >>  

Legal: No.....
Possible: Yes; but I've only heard of VG2 in VA, DC, CT, and military bases.
It's not the VG2 that gets you, but the appearance of the detector:  it's like
driving a red sports car.  If the REO is undetermined whether to pull you over
(for speed, "aggressive" driving, etc.), but sees a detector, he quickly makes
 up his mind.  Ditto if you've been pulled for ANY infraction; the presence of
a detector dramatically increases the probability of a citation.

....of course if you obey all traffic laws, you really have no need for a 

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
1997 V-1 (for the UrQ, mounted low, easily removed)
1992 V-1 (for the wife)