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RE: dose of their own medicine(was VG-2)

RDs are legal in all 50 states. The FCC regulates radio devices and it is legal
to receive on all frequencies (with the new exception of cellular) so long as
the information gained is not disclosed to 3rd parties or for used espionage purposes.
All of those anti-RD state laws are unenforceable. Fight em!


In most states, where it is legal to buy, sell, own, and use radar detectors,
police cannot stop you for having one.


vytas@email.nist.gov wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I've been following the detector thread for a couple days and got somewhat
> confused. Is it really (legally?)possible to be pulled over just for using
> a detector in a state where it is legal? I understand, only DC and VA has
> them outlawed. Regards,
> Vytas
> 86 5kcst (detector equipped)
> 87 5ks