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rad fan cooling duct

a while back while picking through a boneyard, i pulled an air cooling
duct off a type 44 of unknown vintage.  this is an s-shaped corrugated
plastic tube that goes from a hole in the firewall near the hood release
to a rubber elbow that attaches to an air inlet on the rad fan motor
housing.  i am assuming that plenum pressure while in motion forces air
through the duct to cool the motor.  my tqw does not have the hole in the
firewall, but the air inlet is there.
does this sound familiar to anyone?


ps - the right angle elbow (2-1/4 l x 3/4 id on one side and
1-3/4 l x 1/2 id on the other) is split so i priced a replacement.
qlist/carlsen price was around $20!