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Re: 4000 Generation Differences

>> 84's had front wing windows.
>> 84's weren't wired for rear power windows.
>Will someone confirm that the above 2 statements are true?

i now believe they are true only for the 84 4kq.
the front-only power was from the use of the urq (coupe) center console
because of the diff knob.  hence, only two switch positions.  remember,
the earlier q's were very much parts bin cars.  who knows, it may have been
wired, but just not switched.  i'm sure the 84 had manual rear window cranks.
re: wing windows; not sure why i would remember them but i bought a new
85 4kq and was very aware of the differences since a coworker had the 84
4kq.  he talked me into the 4kq when i was looking at the cgt.


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