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Wouldn't an Audi A3 Rally Program be Cool

	I'm addicted to a new playstation game I picked up by the name of VRally.
I know all of the divisions of the VW Group have a rally program except the
one most commonly known for Rallying. VW Races the GTI piloted by one of
the McRae Brothers. Seat races the Ibiza and Skoda has raced the Felicia,
with the new Octavia to be introduced this season (a4 chassis based like
the Audi A3). 
	How cool would it be if Audi went into the WRC this season with an Audi A3
Quattro. Imagine a silver A3 with the Touring Car style red rings up the
side. How long before all wheel drive would be made illegal in the WRC . .
 even if it is Syncro? That'd be cool. Later-G