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Re: 100Q shift boot

> try alan gun leather accessories.
> 800-780-4500.
> most of their boots are $40-60.
> i bought a leather handbrake lever boot for my gli that i am quite
> satisfied with...
> frank
> to: IN:dforte@mediaone.net
> cc: IN:quattro@coimbra.ans.net

 Gaaack.... $60US for a shift boot ....  
 Take the old one apart at the seams. Match with bulk black leather
and take to a harness maker or shoe repair place. Should cost about
$12 Cdn.... 
The hardest part is explaining what you want done with these little
triangles of leather..... BTDT...

 Patrick James
 Regina, Saskatchewan ,Can
 Yeah, Baby....Shagadelic!!!