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fitting remote door locks possible??

Hi all,
	Anyone on the Q-list fitted remote door locks on a mid 80's 5K (85 
5K non Q). I've tried but failed :-(  Archives yielded nothing to 
solving my dilemma.	

	Currently: 	I've put a pneumatic actuator w/ switch in the driver 
door from an 82 5K ... works fine.  My ElCheapo alarm outputs a lock 
and unlock 300mA neg. pulse (1 or 3 sec) on two wires.  I've relayed 
these such that I get a pos.12V pulse for each wire (one 
lock, one unlock).  
	Problem is:  I could only make the bi-pressure pump work if I 
diconnected the drivers lock/unlock  switch and switched  the alarm 
to generate a 3 sec neg pulse relayed as  +12V pulse for lock or 
unlock.  Unfortunately, the bi-pressure pump has the center 12V but 
no permanent 12V on the lock or unlock state .... the result is no 
pump action after a few minutes unless the pump is "primed",  that 
is, 12V toggled lock and unlock a few times to make the pump operate 
as normal.  
	Am I just going nuts? Why does it seem that others have 
been able to do this successfully. 

	Anyone BTDT? 
	At this point its remote door locks or die trying.....

Peter Gotseff