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RE: Audi: company history

I believe "to listen" in German is "zuhoeren" (oe = umlauted o). I don't
know if any conjugated form of it ends up as "Horch"

Hoeren Sie zu, und wiederholen Sie. ("listen and repeat," from those ALM
tapes in junior high...)

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> Dave:
> >I basically need to know when the company became known as Audi, 
>  I will still get the name and ISBN number on the history book, but maybe
> for 
> now this will help:
>   Horch and Audi:
>   The Name Remained the Same:
>   The good doctor spent so much of the Horch company's first few years
> immersed 
> in researching these innovations, in fact, that his financial backers
> sacked him 
> in 1909. this rather inauspicious event was the beginning of Audi: Horch
> quickly 
> decided to form a new company. Since the name Horch was already taken by
> the old 
> company, he pondered how to place his imprint on the new. Inspiration
> came, in 
> the form of a suggestion from a child studying Latin: horch, which in
> German 
> means listen, translates in Latin to audi. Dr. Horch dubbed his new
> company by 
> this adapted name, and went to market with his first automotive
> creation-the 
> Type A-under the Audi name in 1910.
>   sited from the 
>   "Sales Training Information"
>   "1992 Engineering Faactbook"
>   "Audi 80/90 Quattro"
>   "1991, Audi of America, Inc."
>   I have a freind who sells sales manuals and brochers and I collected
> quite a 
> number of nice pieces. I can put you in touch with him also.
>   Rick (I love auto/motorsport history)Glesner
>   Littleton, Colorado