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FW: heating woes, continued

>>the heater control valve definitely moves its full travel. So, if
there >>is coolant in the system (and not on the ground), the engine is
warm, >>the control valve actuates, and the fan blows, why no heat to
the cabin? >>Blockage in the heater core or hoses? hmm...
>You're talking about 2 different things here.
>Here is what I would check (based on a CQ, but similar?):
>- in the engine compartment, there are two hoses at the firewall. 
>  Feel them both - are they both hot?  Odds are they are not.

Did the original post say "no heat" or "no flow through dash vents, only
to windshield" ??

I thought it was the latter not the former.

Reading this thread has caused me to realize that I might be
experiencing a problem on the 200.  I'm getting heat, but might not be
getting it from the dash vents ever.  It hadn't quite dawned on me yet
that there might be something amiss.