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Re: Door Lock: Thanks and more hints

Thanks for the nice write-up.
And congratulations on successfully completing this tedious rite of passage.
There are surely many list members who have BTDT.
I did the same repair on my 89 100 awhile back and just two days ago
(Saturday) replaced the driver's door handle on my 86 4kq.  So we're not
alone.  All over the world Audi owners are getting familiar with the
innards of their doors 
The 89 100 was considerably more difficult.  

Regarding your #5, The big "Du'oh"...I felt the same way when testing the
4KQ.  I couldn't get those locks to stay down for anything.  I thought I'd
bent something and kept trying to re-align and adjust the mechanism so it
would stay down.  
Finally it dawned on me that the door must be closed!.  Luckily I wasn't
very tired...no telling how long I might have spent trying to adjust it.
And I thought surely I was the only person to do such a silly thing, until
reading your post.

Dave C.

Columbus, OH
89 100E, 87 5KS 
86 4KQ