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Re: engine cleaning

I've been using a product called "Steam Clean" by Dupont (or something liek
that?). Available at any Pep Boys, comes in a slightly oversized black and
silver can. Best stuff I've seen, though I do like the P21S all-purpose citrus
stuff (no longer avail in US) Just spray on - looks like you hosed the engine
with thick silicone/armor all, let sit 15 minutes, spray off with high
pressure nozzle garden hose. Really does a pretty good job w/o any scrubbing.
Course I can't resist getting in there with the tooth brush. You can pretty
much eat off my motor. The up side to that is whenever there is a leak of any
sort, I see it right away. Occasionally I get stuff wet that prefers to be
dry, but an afternoon in the sun or a brisk drive will dry things up pretty well.

My .02


91 200q