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Re:reducing lag via exhaust efficiency

Thanks everyone for the response on this topic. The verdict, as I expected, is
overwhelmingly in favor of mounting the most free-flowing exhaust possible,
with the caveat that 3" gets loud. BTDT with the single *stock diam pipe* +
kitty + Borla (no center) on my previous 86 (now in the caring hands of Duane
Hale). That was acceptable, but 3" would be a bit much for 30k or so I drive a year.

THe Stebro exhaust I am awaiting delivery of is 2.5" dual, flows like a 3",
uses no baffles in the mufflers, but is not as loud. After that I will go with
a turbo (yet to be determined source), RS2 manifold (the only option- best
price?), one of Ned's chips (3.0 bar variety). That should do well to maintain
acceptable lag with increased boost. 

How much concern should I have for 3.0 bar boost levels on my 173k mile motor?
Cam lobes, valves, bearings, etc? I wouldn't worry much with just a chip, but
if i'm pushing 3.0 bar on a regular basis, am I asking for a meltdown by 200k
miles? The tranny is only good for so much longer, too.

Again, thanks everyone for the responses. Much appreciated.