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Re: porsche #1 in racing [sic]

> no, *all* the gt1 cars have restrictors (atmo or turbo), so they're *all* got
> gripes.  it is a tough issue though, for instance m-b is quite capable (and has
> threatened) to bring their v8t (from the old class c sauber days) into their
> gt1 car if they think that the equivalency has gone too far in favouring
> turbos.
> theory is that if they're all complaining (and they are), then the rules are
> just about right.

The problem is that only McLaren has the right to complain.
It is the only one of the bunch who actually has road going examples 
sold to customers.  Neither Porsche nor M-B have sold their road 
going versions to public.
> most car mags actually like the newer, softer, more modern axle dragger better
> than the old one...

Also most of the mags get paid for what they say.
Hence the sentance "Don't believe everything you read".
It may be a better car (haven't driven one yet) but I think for a car 
with half of Boxter parts one should not be charged twice the Boxter 
And what is with the oil pan?  Now that's a real shame.
They should have just killed the 911 like they have done with the 356 
and called the new one something tottaly different.  998 sounds good 
to me.  Only if that was the only name the car would go by.


Martin Pajak

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