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Re: Steering rack leaking on ´86 100

Having only replaced one in my previous Audi (855kS) not a difficult task BTW,
I cannot give specific directions. However, I have heard that the problem seems
to be the sleeves and if you replace them with stainless steel the problem is
fixed (or somewhere else). If you can find out if they sell these sleeves in
the repair kits and it can be shipped from here (if not available in Sweden), I
will be glad to help. You could check the quattro archives for precise
information. HTH

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> Hi all,
> After replacing the servo pump on my ´86 100, I found that it was
> impossible to bleed the system from air.
> This is most likely caused by a leaking steering rack. (Lots of hydr.fluid
> in the protective rubber thingy.)
> I'm not that interested in replacing the entire rack thanks to a minor cash
> flow disruption.:-) Audi here in Sweden
> are willing to sell my a rebuilt one for about 1000USD, but they can´t sell
> me an oil-seal worth 5$.
> Sooo....this leads to my question; Did anybody out there ever rebuild a
> rack on your own, and if so, do
> you remember the size and/or the designation code for the seal(s)?
> If this has been answered a zillion times, a apologize for the bandwith,
> but please point me to where
> I might find an answer in the archives.
> Janne Jonsson
> Stockholm, Sweden