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Re: The Right Spark Plugs

Huw, I think that there was some talk of the problem with Platinum plugs
in turbo cars.If I remember correctly the turbo has tendancy to blow the
"fire" out. The triple plugs don't have this problem.The original plug
for the urQ is a silver tip plug,(wr6dS/wr5dS).I know that the f5dpor
plug is available.I have used the f4dpor in my TQC at track events. I
think the secret to finding them is to think "Porsche". The f4dpor is
used in some 930's.It seems with the advent of,"mixture management
systems", the old way of looking at the plug color after running it for
a while is old hat.If the plug is to cold,and doesn't burn the fuel,the
sensor sees it and leans things out.Too many ranges off tho and the old
black = to cold,Blisters/white = to hot,still works.In the tan range
very close.

Corrections appreciated.