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Re: The Right Spark Plugs

For those of you who have the Bosch Automotive Handbook, here is
you may want to look at.  I don't remember where it is but there is some
information in there about electrode diameter and how lean of a mixture
will ignite.  If you are willing to play with the gap a little bit, you
can improve
fuel economy.  The platinum plugs are the only ones with a small enough
electrode to apply.  Thus, if your vehicle uses an oxygen sensor, it
will lean out the mixture as much as possible (and still burn), thereby
increasing fuel economy.  You must be careful not to go too far or you'll
get a misfire, totally defeating the purpose.  I think I was running
.046 in. gap on my 82 Quantum with considerable payback in fuel economy.
As I recall, I went from about 33 mpg to 37 on the highway.  Anyway,
something for you thinkers to think about.  Triple electrode plugs are
great for providing three choices for where to send the spark but, as 
electricity takes the path of least resistance, you only get one spark
and, as stated before, it is more of a durability issue than a good

My guess is that, in a turbocharged engine, the ability to light a
lean mixture would enhance it's ability to ignite under the harsher,
high pressure environment of the turbocharged combustion chamber.

I welcome any and all comments concerning this.  I am interested to see
what you all think of this idea.

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