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Stupid timing question

On my car, I believe that when the timing belt was reinstalled, the timing
may have been of due to a slipped d.o.a. belt. I am let to believe this:
1.My cam timing may be behind by approx 1/6 turn. Not enough to bend
2. I may be getting too much bottom end due to this. I know it's either
bottom or top end loss with a late cam.
3. When the pip mark on the crank is aligned with the mark on the cover,
should the pip on the back of the cam gear align with the valve cover
gasket surface? If yes, mine isn't.
4.If cam timing is off, does that mean the dist was reoriented to allow
the engine to start, or will it start anyway if the timing is preserved in
reference to the cam? I though if the cam was out of timing, the engine
may not start, or well at that. See, I don't know if the cam timing was
off before I got the car, done improperly, or purposely.
5.When the cam's pip mark is aligned with the cover surface, where should
the dist. rotor be? Aligned with the pointer on it?

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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