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Re: The Right Spark Plugs

I forgot to tell my starting was even more horrible than it allready was
with plats. Silvers were good. They allowed slightly more boost than
copper tris. The idle was slightly better and lag was slightly reduced
with the copper tris.

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On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Martin Pajak wrote:

> > Anyone use Bosch single electrodes in turbos? 
> Againts everyone's advice I use Platinum in my Turbo.
> It is however the older '81-'83 5kt system.
> >Returned good results?
> Great fuel economy, great power and starting abilities.
> > Compared to tris?
> I have always used the Platinums.  I can't see myself spending the 
> money for Silver if something else is working just as well.
> Later.
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