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Re: 1986 4000 upgrade questions

Pat martins advice should be well taken.

Todd's number is  (847) 758-0688.  The front lip spoiler used to be an Audi
part (no longer available) and Todd has the moldings to reproduce these. 

I have to agree with Pat about the rear spoiler... course I'm 50 something
so my opinion doesn't count :-)

I use the H4/H1 euro lights on my '87. better looking, more light and more
expensive.  My car also has a coil over suspension (so I can keep the stock
ride height). I want stealth, especially since mine is arrest me red and I
have an AAN motor (S4)  waiting for insallation. Old school here...walk
softly and carry a big stick :-)

And yes, you will need to do some serious butchering if you want to use
tires in a 225 variety.