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Re: Strange new technologies...

To get 3 hp per cubic inch you would have to be turning in access of 14,000
rpm to pump enough air.  Or you could use forced induction; but, then you
wouldn't need the fancy valves to get there.  Fine for racing a 2.0 liter.
Not what you want to drive to the store and back.

Back in the 60's I was very interested in rotary valves as a concept. Not
so much because they would flow more air; rather the possibilities they
would lend  to "variable valve timing".  Problem I saw was similar to
problems NSU, Wrankle & others had with the rotary motor. Sealing. 
Besides, replacement parts for theses would no doubt make the $44 V8 q
lifters ( X 32) seem cheap.

> From: Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com>
> To: quattro list <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: Strange new technologies...
> Date: Tuesday, March 24, 1998 12:02 PM

> 	2. Anyone heard of the Griffin Rotary Valve system? No
> 	   poppit valves, no camshaft, no timing gears, ultimately
> 	   no ignition system, 50% fuel savings, 3BHP per cubic inch,
> 	   almost nil emissions, 50:1 compression ratios, a 4-stroke
> 	   gasoline engine running like a diesel using 2-stroke valve
> 	   systems but with the seal problems fixed.