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Strange new technologies...


So I'm reading some magazines and saw some things and thought it
would be nice to hear from the listers what they thought of them.
In fact, that's what I did with the VATN thread, I saw a ad and
asked a question and learnt alot, but I think the VATN thread will
pass on like the EFI thread as listers cannot comment much on them
since most of us use the traditional turbo units.

Anyway, this time round it's valve train technologies.

	1. Turbo and Hi-Tech Performance Magazine, December 1997,
	   there is a feature on "vented valves". Looks like a valve
	   in a valve. Anyone know more on it and the benefits in
	   future engines?

	2. Anyone heard of the Griffin Rotary Valve system? No
	   poppit valves, no camshaft, no timing gears, ultimately
	   no ignition system, 50% fuel savings, 3BHP per cubic inch,
	   almost nil emissions, 50:1 compression ratios, a 4-stroke
	   gasoline engine running like a diesel using 2-stroke valve
	   systems but with the seal problems fixed.

Sorry for the wasted BW, just waiting for the silicon sealant to dry
on the blown intercooler to throttle-body hose again. :)

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