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Re: BEWARE...FS: 91 200 TQW

A car very similar to this description passed through  the DC used car
market about three  weeks ago.

Advertised in the Washington Post. 

Asking price was $13000. I called and the color
and mileage seem similar. The seller was
vague on the history, and it  still had the UFO brakes. When I asked
about any problems, he
said that it "runs great, but there is a slight
noise from the trans. Doesn't really seem to be a problem, though." 

That was all I needed to get turned off. 

He told me he had over 20 calls on the car. 

I'm not sure that it was not a final effort to get
me to come look at it, but he said he had a used car dealer from NC
coming up to drive back if it had not sold by the next Monday. These
things can travel fast-I'd keep an eye out anywhere east of the Rockies!

Tom F.