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RE:CIS Pressure Gauge Set and Eurolights

Fred asked;
>I'm thinking about buying a gauge for testing the system and control
>pressures of the CIS FI system.  I've found a test set in JC Whitney for
>approximately $50 and one in a Porche catalog for approximately $200. 
>Anyone have a suggestion as to what constitutes a "good" test set?  I'd
>prefer to build my own since I have several gauges that cover the
>pressure range, but I haven't found a source for the fittings.  Has
>anyone built their own?]

Too make a short story long!!!!!!!!!

I have built my own tester using junkyard fuel injection lines.  I
remove the ends of the braided lines and tee in a 100 psi gauge with
rubber hose and hose clamps (I use good quality fule hose).  To do
system and control pressure you will need the fittings on the line that
goes from the top/center of the fuel dist. to the warm up regulator.
With a gauge teeed into this line you normally get control press. you
then can use a pair of pliers to close the fuel flow to the warm up reg.
which gives system pressure (if the car is running this will make it
stall so I use a different way to test system press. - see next para.).

One other fitting I made which is real handy is right off the cold start
valve.  I disconnect the cold start valve line and connect up a 100 psi
gauge direct.  This gives me a system pressure reading at all times and
when the engine is shut off it gives a residual pressure reading. It
also disconnects the cold start valve which may be helpful in finding
hot start problems.

I also made an adapter to go inline with the fuel injectors. I wanted a
better way to test fuel injectors, thinking if I could measure their
pressure I could determine which ones are leaking.  This works but it
takes a few hours to go through all 5 injectors one at a time.

Thinking that testing all five at once was a better way I tried to find
the metric fittings needed to adapt to the injectors (at the FD) - no
luck with local vendors.  I then called J.C. Whitney and asked who was
the manuf. for their Bosch Kits. They told me it was Hoffman in
Lindehurst NY.  I called them (516-226-4300) and they do sell the piece
parts to their kits if you want.  THey faxed me a picture of the piece
parts but it is not real clear which one you would need (you need to
know the metric size of the banjo bolts etc.).  They quoted me $90.18
for the Bosch CIS kit which J.C. Whitney sells for $54.00!!!!!!   

Hope this helps.

Littleton, CO