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Re: coolant loss

In a message dated 3/25/98 cyclops@mindlink.bc.ca (cyclops) writes:

(Excellent description of the replacement process for upper turbo coolant line
replacement snipped...)

<< btw i noticed that there's another one of these three inch hoses with banjo
on the other side of the engine hidden amongst the manifolds. that should be
fun to change! >>

It's not! I queried the list about this a while back. The only reply I got for
BTDT's was from Graydon (thank you again for trying to help...) who said he
did it with the engine out of the car. Well, I did manage to remove it by
using a crow-foot socket to remove the fitting at the turbo. Once I removed
the line I also noticed it's hose is very different from the upper hose in
that it is lined with a semi-rigid poly (?) material. I examined said part and
realized it wasn't going to leak anytime soon (if ever) and re-installed it as
is. I imagine that a car in an area prone to rust may have other problems with
this coolant line, like the crimp rusting away. I doubt that the hose portion
will ever fail though. Anyone else have BTDT's on this little coolant line?
For now, I keep a wary eye on mine when under there changing the oil filter,

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq