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Audi's in the movies

I couldn't help but to notice that quite a few of you lately are
getting a kick out of Audi's that have been on various tv shows.

I can think of three movies off of the top of my head that had Audi's
in them.

Ferris Buelers Day Off - Ferris's father drove a red Audi 5000.

That Was Then This Is Now - A movie with Emilo Estevez as a co-star. 
He and his buddy stole a pre 85' Audi 4000 from a used car lot and
then drove like mad and smacked into a car that had its drivers side
door open, and smiled as they yelled "Door prize"

Also one of the Lethal Weapons had an Audi cameo apperance.  Don't
remember which Lethal Weapon it was, but it was the one with Gary
Bussey as the bad guy, or one of the bad guys in the movie.  Gary was
running from Gibson and they ended up on a freeway in rush hour
traffic or something to that effect and Gary opened up the door of an
Audi 5000 sitting in traffic and said "Ya mind if I test drive your
Audi" as he threw the driver out of the car to make his getaway.  Nice
getaway car!  

I think I'd use an S6 myself! ha ha ha 

Anyway, I felt compelled to throw in my 2 cents, so here ya go.

Have any of you seen these movies???  If you have, do you recall the
parts that I mentioned?

Let me know.

Does anyone else know of any other Audi cameos in movies?

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