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How often should the injector fan run?

My hot starting problems are back!!!!!!  I was wondering how often the
injector cooling fan should run.  Mine does run but not very often IMO.  The
radiator fan runs much more often. I'm am not sure if they will both run at
the same time?

As an example I parked the car in the garage the other night and while
working on my wifes car and I noticed the rad. fan ran for a couple minutes
and stopped, then the injector fan came on for only about 15 sec. then it
was off for a few minutes, it then came on for 5 sec. and then was off (it
did this on 5 sec then off  about 3 times). I thought this was a litle
strange that it would run for only 5 sec. and then turn off.  Ambient temp.
was about 60 DegF so I would not expect either fan to run very much. What do
you think?  Does this sound normal?


Littleton, CO