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Yet Another Hot Start Problem Solved

Smitty and company,
I had more hot start problems rare their ugly head in the last couple of
weeks.  Smitty gave me some suggestions, most of which I had already tried
in one way or another over the last couple months.  I had narrowed it down
to leaking injector(s) - everything else checked out fine. One suggestion
Smitty had that I thought was worthwhile, was to check the spark plugs after
a hot soak and if the intake valve is open you will have a wet plug.  I took
his suggestion one step further and cranked the engine after a hot soak  but
not enough to let it start. I then pulled the plugs and #3 plug was soaked
with fuel!!!!!!!!!  I replaced #3 injector with an old used one I had and I
believe my starting problems are once again fixed.

BTW all my injectors were new/used/rebuilt from 1-800-VWPARTS or whatever
it is that they sell you as reconditioned.  I will have to see if they will
replace the bad one.

One other interesting thing I found: looking down into the spark plug hole
of #3 there was raw fuel inside the cyclinder on top of the piston!!!!!!!!!
Pretty scarey knowing I have been driving around with that much raw fuel
washing down the cyclinders for a month or so!!!!!!  A quick oil change is
in order.

It seems that pulling the spark plugs is a real easy way to check for
leaking injectors for hot start (or even cold start) problems.  I would also
suggest taking care of any starting problems as quickly as possible to
prevent oil contamination if it is leaking injectors.

Happy Troubleshooting!!!!!!!

Thanks Smitty

Littleton, CO