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need a checklist for '91 200tq

I'm going to go look at a pearl '91 200tq this afternoon; could a couple of
the 200tq owners send me a "gotta check this" list/suggestions?
About the only thing I know to look for on that recent a 200tq is the
brakes(UFO kit, which the guy said hadn't installed, how much is this?)

Any other "gotchas"?  Car has 108k and he's asking 12.9k, which doesn't
seem unreasonable for a semi-dealer prepped car.  He claims that the car is
functionally and cosmetically perfect, a "9.75 out of 10"(I've heard that

Bragged that "you get 1.4bar full throttle"...

Thanks in advance for any speedy replies!  Going out to look around 2-3ish.


Brett Dikeman
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