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Rally games and Sega Touring Car (PC)

GaidosIII wrote:
> >>I also have the additional track add on called "X-Miles" that adds something
> >>like 5 more stages.
> Yes I have this game. Bought it a couple weeks ago. In the absence of a
> quattro I drive the Cosworth RS. Where can I get the add on tracks?
> Thanks
> Anton

Go to there website and they have information on it.  


I have also played the game networked, but it ends up being wheel to
wheel which isn't quite what it's like out there in the woods...  My
friend and I got excited when we heard about the new International Rally
Championship, because it allows you to build your own courses.  We were
going to try to recreate some US rallies on it, but you can't build a
rally turn by turn.  I would stick to Rally Championship- it seems to
run faster on my machine than Int'l R.C.

I saw that SEGA has Touring Car out for PC now too- has anyone played

Does it have the Audi A4 in it?

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