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Headlight switch repairable?

The headlight switch in my '86 4kcsq started going bad a few months ago.
 It would sometimes take a bit of jiggling for the dash lights to stay
on with full headlights.  Last week in the middle of the night they went
out and stayed out no matter what I did. The dash lights work perfectly
well with only the running/parking lights on.  I suspect the connector,
wherever it is, has lost contact with the dash light bit in the full on
position.  Further evidence of a full open is that the finger blistering
heat on the switch is completely gone.  I suspect there was only a
partial connection before that was acting like a resistor and heating
up.  Is this dash to headlight connector outside the switch body where I
can clean it up or inside the switch?  Is it worth repairing or is it
time to replace the switch?  I'd like to fix this soon since driving at
night with a dark dash is more than a bit disconcerting.  Thanks for the

Denise Riley